Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 26, 2011


Posterscope South Africa, the country’s leading Out-Of-Home media agency, recently launched its second Out-Of-Home Consumer Survey  OCS 2, which aims at revealing consumer  behavior in direct correlation to Out-of-Home advertising.

“The student market has always been a large target market for most brands, and yet it has always been a challenging market to reach effectively. Various insights from OCS 2 ensure that marketing in the Out-of-Home sphere is directed at the people who have the buying decisions, and who are receptive to your message,” said Erik Warburg, Managing Director, Posterscope SA.


A sample of 3000 people were interviewed, including many students, and some interesting facts can be divulged:


  • 96% of students are single.
  • 25% of students earn R 2,500 a month whereas over half do not earn an income at all (pocket money excluded).
  • 67% of the grocery shopping is done by their mothers, and when students hit the malls, 34% of them do so over weekends.
  • 50% of students use taxis to get to class.
  • Over 80% of students notice Out-Of-Home advertising on billboards, street poles, through free samples and through newspaper posters.
  • It has been revealed that they are thinking about families, studies and breakfast whilst commuting to class; over lunchtime they are thinking about  friends, what to eat for lunch and shopping ; and on the way home they are thinking about what do to that evening, family and what to watch on TV.
  • Compared to two years ago, students are spending more time on their cell phones, with family and friends and listening to the radio, and less time reading newspapers, watching TV in the week, exercising and going to the cinema.


About OCS

Posterscope’s OOH Consumer Survey (OCS) is the world’s most in-depth study of consumer behaviour in relation to OOH communications and has over 3,000 respondents in SA. Audiences can be segmented attitudinally, behaviourally, or demographically and analysed by environment, with a level of detail unavailable through other syndicated research systems.

New for OCS 2

OCS 2 contains updated data regarding technology use, direct benchmarking against other above-the-line media such as TV and print, more industry specific data (including Automotive, Financial, Alcohol, Snacks, Soft Drink, Communication, Electronic and Travel) and how media actually influences buying decisions.


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