Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 11, 2011

Audit Results for Out Of Home Advertising sales revealed

Outdoor Auditors has just completed its latest nationwide audit of outdoor advertising sites in South Africa.  Using several teams across the provinces, many new towns have been added to the company’s database (as well as all the previous sites revisited).  In addition to this, advertising data from inside the major airports was also collected during this past audit, together with the newly erected sites along the Gautrain routes.   In all, the database now contains extensive information on over 9,000 sites nationwide.

The top 10 advertisers was dominated by 7 FMCG brands, two cellular companies and one bank. Brands that advertised in townships and rural areas a mix of wellness, financial and FMCG whereas urban advertisers fell into the technology and financial sectors.

“Advertising spend these days has become more strategic and the more insights decision makers have the better,” said Erik Warburg, Managing Director, Posterscope South Africa, “Knowing where various sectors advertise in the Out of Home sector assists in the greater picture for decision makers so that there is little margin for error.”

Sectors currently advertising most across the country are cellular networks, beers and banks, respectively.  Black Label is currently advertising on more sites out-of-home than any other one brand (across all categories), and has a truly national holding.  (A year and a half ago Raid was the brand on most sites.)  Brands that have launched recent large scale campaigns, as witnessed by this last audit, include Cremora, Kellogg’s and Lux.  There are currently many blank sites though – nationally, one in five sites is not advertising anything.  The split between large and small sites is even at 46% versus 54%.

To conclude, it is evident that within each sector it is clear to see the different outdoor strategies at play by the various brands: whereas many are focusing on the large urban areas (particularly Gauteng), others have campaigns that target rural areas, or have more nationwide campaigns.


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