Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 31, 2011

Aegis Media’s Second Digibate Captures Essence of Out of Home Sector

Aegis Media successfully hosted its second Thought Leadership Digibate on 20 October 2011 in Cape Town, which covered the Out of Home sector and included some key insights into the proposed ban on alcohol advertising in South Africa. The pioneering online debate was streamed live on the online radio station The Taxi ( and included some of the most respected names in the Out of Home sector including representatives from Posterscope (across Africa and Europe) as well as experts from Provantage and Tractor Outdoor.

A number of strategic insights came out, especially when comparing Out of Home advertising in Africa and Europe. One being a comment that due to the clutter and less strict regulations in Africa, the creative concepts have more impact yet are still very simple. Another insight related to digital Out of Home, In Africa, “dwell time” amongst consumers is longer therefore they have more time to view digital Out of Home adverts, thus longer to absorb creative ideas that have motion in them; whereas the fast paced commuter lifestyle in Europe with limited “dwell time” means that a message has to be communicated in a matter of a few seconds.

The discussion around the proposed ban on alcohol advertising in South Africa brought about some key insights. Alcohol advertising makes up just under 10% of Out of Home ad spend. We were reminded of the ban on cigarette advertising 15 years ago – the impact was less severe as those spaces were quickly filled by cellular advertising as that market suddenly boomed at around the same time as the ban. The question is what will fill that 10% void if the ban goes ahead? The decision was challenged by the panel and it was stated that many overseas countries lifted the ban on alcohol advertising as there was no change in the issue of alcohol abuse since implementing the ban. The question that arose was should government not look at the source of alcohol abuse as opposed to implementing a ban that has proven not to make a difference in foreign countries?  Is this not just pre-election propaganda?

“Once again we are incredibly happy with the insights that the Digibate brought to the table and this is without a doubt going to be a regular feature in the South African media marketing sector and we are very excited to grow this into a regular pool of knowledge,” said Dawn Rowlands, CEO Sub Saharan Africa, Aegis Media. “We averaged about 3942 listeners per minute of which 1 462 remained listening for the full 2 hours, which meant that the topics kept their interest.”

The Thought Leadership Digibates are held monthly in Cape Town and include a panel of experts in their respective fields. Podcasts of the digibate are available on The next Thought Leadership Digibate will be held in November 2011.


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