About OOH

What is Out of Home?

This is a very good question and it may lead you to a group of communications channels which are harder working than traditional media and a great deal more innovative. Posterscope helps advertisers to navigate their way through all the communication channels which exclude TV, Radio, Print, Cinema and Online. What’s left, you may ask? Well, we believe all the good bits, like Outdoor, Commuter media, Digital Billboards, Mall media, to name just a few. In fact, if we can’t find a suitable channel we’ll create one!



  1. Hi there my name is mzoli mtongana I’m from a company called black box media.
    Black box media is a company that is based in the Eastern Cape particular in Port Elizabeth.
    Black box is a young company which was formalized in 2007, we for now focusing
    On out of home advertising as this is our main target for now.

    We are currently not operating as a media company due to a lack of information on
    How to sell the site (billboards) we have on our disposal.
    We therefore request a platform to sell spaces on media houses or relevant places where spaces are sold.

    We request that you please send us the much vital information as we can’t move forward with our business.

    Please send this info via e-mail at vuyontuli@yahoo.com or cell: 083 6707 897
    Tel: (041) 398 1027

    I certainly hope you will find this in order.

    From: blackboxmedia South Africa

    Yours hopefully

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