About Posterscope SA

Posterscope is the world’s leading Out of Home Communications Agency. Our mission is to grow Out of Home to 10% share of Adspend in South Africa, in the next 5 years. Consumers are spending over 50% of their time Out of Home, which clearly indicates that Advertisers need to reconsider their level of investment in Out of Home to ensure that they are engaging with consumers at the most appropriate times.

 We currently manage 15-20% of South Africa’s Out of Home spend and have grown our clients spend on Out of Home by ensuring accountability and providing high levels of innovation. Our accolades go beyond media awards like “The Roger Garlick Award” to Creative awards, where we have won a Grand Prix in the  “The OHMSA Creative Awards” .

 We have achieved accountability for the Out of Home medium by developing bespoke tools, called Prism Tools, and by providing our clients with unsurpassed levels of insight in each and every community in Southern Africa. These insights drive innovation and a clear indication of the value of each Out of Home Channel. Our enviable market share means that no other media company in SA buys as much Out of home, across as many Out of Home platforms, as Posterscope. This places us in the enviable position of having the best level of insight into what our clients should be paying in any environment.

For more information, email info@posterscopesa.co.za



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    Saw an advert requesting for Interns…Please will like to know more about what you do…I am an Oracle Database Administrator, basically ‘ve been teaching for over a year now.

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