Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 6, 2010

HEITA . . . what is this?

Heita??? What is this?? You’ve probably seen these ads all over, on billboards in newspapers on the internet . . .  but what is Heita?

According to the dictionary, Tsotsi-taal, the word ‘heita’ was “arguably modified from the Setswana phrase ‘Ee, thata’, meaning ‘yes thoroughly’, in response to the greeting ‘A lo tsogile’, meaning ‘are you well?’; a form of greeting that expresses happiness at encountering friends or acquaintances”.

So we’ve managed to figure out what HEITA is . . .  or at least we tried . .  It seems like speculation is towards Telkom’s new mobile business, or at least the part of it that’s going to focus on the mass consumer market.

If you visit you can sign up and read all about it, visit blogs, watch the TV ads (See below) and even download wallpapers with the funky little Heita characters. How awesome 🙂

If anyone has more info on this teaser campaign, please drop us a mail at and tell us more about it!?

TV Adverts . . .



  1. So what if Telkom launch a cellular service. Even if they offer free phones and data at 1c/Gb I wouldn’t sign with them.

    Years of being raped and forced to pay thier overcharged prices while being forced to accept thier abysmal customer service won’t be forgotten or forgiven because of a slick new advertising campaign.

    After being so crap for so long, how do they axpect to convince South Africans that thier cellular service will be any better?

  2. So Heita is Telcom’s cellular service. We all know Telkom’s track record so we KNOW Heita is gonna be overpriced and customer service will be abysmal!

  3. I like the idea. Sounds genuine and afterall Telkom started Vodacom and took it to where it is today. I know bcoz I have been an employee of Vodacom for years and years. I would say lets give them a chance and I heard that they have several appeals at ICASA to try and drive down inteconnect rates. Thats positive news already.

  4. I second Jim, it is ridiculous for Telkom to start this new venture when their current infrastructure is coming apart due to lack of competent employees, preposterous rates, monopoly enforcement of the market and months of waiting and fighting for crappy service. I hope that the other cellphone companies bring a slow painfull death to this ‘new’ crazy venture of this brainless sluggish gorging giant.

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